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Ciao Mondo!
I'm Frankie Wang

About Me

Hello, I am Frankie Wang, a Toronto-based front-end web developer. After years of studying languages, the curiosity about programming language grew in me and led me to web development. I am passionate about making the websites beautiful and functional with a friendly user experience. I am currently looking forward to join a team where I can contribute with my skills and learn more about web development.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and photography. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my projects and photos ✨

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  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • SASS




  • SQL




  • GIT


mockup of project

Easy Recipes

html&css | sass | jQuery | javascript | responsive

Not sure about what to cook tonight? Take the quiz from the Easy Recipes and get a recipe recommendation based on your preferences.

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Guess the Price

html&css | sass | jQuery | javascript | api | responsive | paired programming

Powered by Walmart API, this web game is waiting for a player to guess the right prices for three products. Made in collaboration with Andrea Maille.

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mockup of project
mockup of project

Melodies And Words

react | sass | api | responsive

When you're wondering what the lyrics of a song look like, come and use this react app to find your tracks and lyrics, which are provided by Itunes API and Apiseeds API. Don't forget to listen to previews and log in with your google account to save your favourite songs into your own list.

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College Navigator

react | sass | api | firebase | responsive | group programming

Powered by Foursquare API, the College Navigator is a web application that helps users find educational institutions near a place, and allows users to bookmark some institutions as well as to edit notes about these institutions. Made in collaboration with Andrew Tham, David Thavixay and Jasmine Tossan.

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mockup of project
mockup of project

Events Finder

jQuery | Bootstrap | sass | api | responsive

Are you prepared for some great events? Discover unforgettable moments using this web app. Powered by Meetup API.

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